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Estimating Earthwork Quantities


Estimating Earthwork Quantities is a unique book that simplifies estimating cut and fill for the excavation contractor. The author, Daniel Atcheson, was a senior instructor at Construction Estimating Institute and draws upon over 30 years of construction experience as he presents a practical, systematic approach to estimating even the most complex earthwork projects. 223 pages.

Bonus! Also includes Earthmoving Equipment Production Rates & Costs

Earthmoving Equipment Production Rates & Costs was written by Daniel Atcheson for sitework contractors. This comprehensive text teaches how to more accurately assess what machinery is best to use for any given job. It will also teach you how long equipment will be required and how much it will cost to move each cubic yard of earth. Equipment production rates, hourly costs, and unit production costs are covered in detail. 489 pages.

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